Addressing Hypertension

Addressing HypertensionBecause of what happened these past few days, we’re back again to the doctor. For the second time, I got dizzy again so much so that I was no longer able to drive back home. My wife had to hire a taxi driver to drive our car back home. After relating what happened to the doctor, she prescribed another medicine and this time with a stronger dosage. Hopefully, this will now address my hypertension.

Hypertension: More Lessons Learned

After we left the doctor’s clinic, we proceeded to visit a friend who was confined at the same hospital. Another friend was there who related to us that he had high blood pressure when he was about age 30. A young age to have HBP. I’m now 57. His heart condition was bad according to the doctor and he experienced what I had experienced these past few days. He said he really felt depressed thinking about the future and his family. But after taking in the “maintenance” medicine prescribed by the doctor, he said he felt fine and it’s been ten years already. He may not have known it, but I got encouraged by sharing his experience with me.

He said that once one already has hypertension, it’s for life already and “maintenance” medicine is necessary. I hope and pray the doctor has found the right medicine for me so I won’t have to experience again having a very high blood pressure. It’s really a terrible feeling. May the Lord continue to guide my doctor to find the right medicine and the right dosage for me to maintain my blood pressure to a normal level. I continue to be under the doctor’s observation for one month.

High Blood Pressure Again!

High blood pressure again

Yesterday, it happened again! My wife and I were at the mall to have our eyes checked for new eyeglasses. Everything went well but when we were about to leave the eyeglass shop, I felt it again. I began to sense that everything was not right. I told my wife and asked her to help me as we walked. But it did not take long before I told her we had to stop. I began to feel dizzy I couldn’t walk further without falling.

High Blood Pressure Effects

After a few minutes, I was fine again and we proceeded to the parking lot where I took a nap inside the car. But the dizziness became worse. I was now having high blood pressure again! I threw up several times and learned how to do it without going out of the car. I just opened the car door and threw up outside. It was a terrible feeling to be dizzy and throwing up. The first time I had a really high blood pressure was at NLEX but I did not throw up. I just felt like doing it but nothing came out. This time it happened. This is the second time I had a really high blood pressure. And it sure is quite a difficult situation to be in!

I thought I would be OK by just resting but after one and half hour, I decided to ask my wife to look for a driver who can drive us home as it was getting dark and the mall was about to close. There was no way I could drive and I knew it. Every time I opened my eyes, it was as if the world was turning around crazy. My wife found a taxi driver who drove us home. I thought he charged us quite high but… oh well, never mind. He got us home safe. I rested the whole time through the night and I felt better when I woke up this morning. I still feel tired a bit though at this time. What an experience!

I’m still under medication for one month and after that, the doctor will check me again. I’ve been exercising regularly and resting a lot at home avoiding going out as much as I can. I have also drastically changed my diet with the help of my wife. Thanks to my loving wife!

Despite all these measures, it happened to me again yesterday after 25 days since the first one happened. My wife and I suspect that these past few days I was a bit lax with my food intake. I had too much of the wrong food. So we decided to review my diet again and be even more careful this time. Such is my present trial at this time.

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Thoughts When We Get Sick

For more than 2 weeks now, my wife and I had been visiting the doctor for checkups. For the second time now, I’ve had my blood checked for various tests. Urine included. I also had chest x-ray, ultrasound to check some parts of my internal organs. I also had ECG to check my heart condition. The cardiologist further suggested I have my heart checked again with 2D echo and so I did.

Sick Body: No Longer As Healthy

thoughts when we get sickWell, I will not tell you all the test results but just to simply say, I’m no longer as healthy as I used to be—especially now that I’m already 57 years old. I need to do something so I won’t get sick all the time. Some parts of my body are now showing “wear and tear” just like some parts of my 12-year old car. I need to be careful now of my overall health. Because of this new reality, I need to change my usual diet and lifestyle somewhat. A lifestyle overhaul is needed. Such is life.

During times like this when we get sick, one begins to pause and think about life and what it all means. I think it’s but natural. I can’t help but think of God’s command to some of the Old Testament prophets who were told to “set you house in order” as they were about to die. We all know we will all pass away sometime soon. It’s all just a matter of time. But when we get sick, we think of it more than at other times and we think of our loved ones and that for their sake, we need to “set our house in order.”

The Lord Jesus Christ encourages us by telling us that he has already won over sin and death. Nothing can separate us from God’s love including sin and death. He has conquered all these—Jesus assures us. We have the victory. Thank you Lord for this wonderful news that we can trust you to take care of us and our loved ones.

Let us always remember that God created all of us to participate in the love relationship enjoyed by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And God has made sure that we will be able to join this wonderful relationship through our Lord Jesus Christ. There’s nothing to worry about. We are safe and secure in God’s hands through our Lord Jesus Christ.