Great Shots with a Simple Camera

Waling-waling of Davao City
Back in 2003, I had the privilege of attending a leadership seminar organized by Haggai Institute in Singapore and while there, I was able to buy a simple Mercury digital camera with 3.1 megapixels. The price was within my reach so I bought it. It was not just a camera, it was also a webcam—very handy. This was during the time when laptops did not yet have built-in webcams. It was also able to record sound—audio only—if you want to, aside from being able to take videos as well. It was a great camera until it finally gave up on me after several years and its features began to become obsolete with the coming of newer digital cameras.

mercury digital camera
This Mercury digital camera served me well for many years and gave me wonderful shots. It’s a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. It’s called “DigitalCam Pro” from Mercury Peripherals, Inc.

Above is a sample of a close-up shot of my wife’s waling-waling. She had several varieties of this kind of orchid when we were still living in Davao City. I was amazed myself that it was able to take a very sharp, close-up photo of this flower. It has a close-up feature by the way. I took this shot when this camera was still very new. I did not use any tripod—just hand-held and I kept myself steady. And yet the photo came out to be very sharp.

Here’s another shot of a dendrobium just after the rain—another variety of my wife’s orchid collection in Davao. Not as sharp but still quite lovely just the same.

Mercury is a camera brand name which I think is unheard of unlike Canon, Sony or Nikon for example. But I’m glad I was able to enjoy my Mercury digital camera for a good number of years from the year 2003 to about 2010—some seven years! It’s now part of my old camera collection.

Liter of Light, Plastic Bottle Classrooms

Liter of Light: Making a Difference

liter of lightHere’s something that’s really worth sharing. Here’s somebody who is making an impact in the Philippines and his fame is spreading throughout the whole world because of his “liter of light” project. I don’t know him that much and of course he doesn’t know me. All I know is what I see in his Facebook account. He seems to me to belong to the upper class of Philippine society and I heard — not so sure about it though but most likely — he is the brother of Gloria Diaz, the former beauty queen. His name is Illac Diaz II. He became my “friend” at Facebook about a year or so ago because I was curious of the new innovations he was introducing in the field of architecture and how he is helping poor people in the country. Here’s an interesting video about him and projects:

From Liter of Light to School Buildings

What makes him stand out for me is his dedication to help the poor and less-privileged sector of Philippine society. I salute him for his love for the poor and needy. I can also sense his love for architecture of which I am also interested in. I first took notice of his project “Isang Litrong Liwanag” or “A Liter of Light” which has really helped a lot of poor families illuminate their homes without the use of electricity. This “bulb” which produces natural light is actually made out of plastic soda bottle. Many poor families cannot afford to pay for electricity and this “invention” is helping poor people a lot.

And this time, he is making waves again by being passionate about building more classrooms out of empty soda bottles for children. As we all know, classrooms are sorely lacking in the Philippines. I’ve heard about 60,000 more classrooms are needed nationwide. God bless him as he serves his poor and less-privileged countrymen.

Humor in Photography

UnknownSome years ago, we were about to board the plane in Davao when I saw a little girl who took a ride on her mom’s luggage. I thought it was amusing so I took this shot. She must have been tired of traveling or maybe she was just having fun. I guess she’s already a teenager by now.

This is one lesson I learned years ago in photography. You never know when an interesting opportunity to shoot arises so, the advice is, just be ready with your camera and bring it with you all the time. And don’t forget your camera’s settings! Be sure it’s ready for quick shots.

Photography: A Hobby

UnknownHere’s another one. Some people may not see it and some people see it. They must have fertile imaginations haha! It’s just a simple lavatory but then again, I thought it was funny so I took the shot. Just be ready with your camera so that when the opportunity presents itself you can record that moment, enjoy it and share it with others as well.

Ever since my Architecture student days (a long, long time ago—don’t ask me when haha!), I have been fascinated with photography as an art expression. It’s been my hobby since then. But I’m still a student up to now—still learning a lot more!